How long does prostatitis take to clear up?

Question by Twilight999: How long does prostatitis take to clear up?
Typically how long does prostatitis take to clear up? A couple of weeks ago I went to my urologist for what I had been told was an ongoing issue with epidytimitis (I was told by my primary care and a different urologist) and after an exam he said everything with the epidytimal tissue felt normal and wanted to give me a prostate exam since he felt thats where the pain might be originating. Sure enough he found that I had an incredibly inflamed prostate, in his words the infection had to have been building for months to get to this point and it spread itself down the spermatic cords into the epidytimal tissue behind each testicle, thus why I have been getting varying degrees of pain behind either testicle randomly. He gave me a perscription for sulfamethoxazole for 30 days, and a refill for if the symptoms are still an issue after 30 days. I’m on day 13 of the antibiotic right now and am finding some days I feel great, some like shit, and some are a mix and the my new urologist told me thats normal during the healing process for this, the infection had been building for so long its going to take some time to get it out of there.

My question is has anyone here had prostatitis before and how long did it take to clear up? I have also read that in some cases this can be caused by a fungal infection which requires a totally different medicine, are there signs to look for in that case to indicate either bacteria or a fungus causing the issue? I trust my urologist he has been excellent, I just am going nuts that after 2 weeks I still am having discomfort in the testicle region. It SEEMS like a step in the right direction, but its sooooooooo slow going :(

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Answer by Mismobismo®™
OK, I’m very sorry to hear of your severe bad luck here- I had this in 1994 I know how miserable this is

Mine was severely inflamed – it seems to be genetic,that the males in our family get this- ie never had an std always had good sexual function,the prostitis is sudden and up to a year before there were no warning signs.
I’m heterosexual (I’m not saying this out of homophobia-just to point out the infection was not introduced during sex)
With me then I think 14 days my prostate was normal size.
It seems you have really had it tough, and if a digital exam isn’t too painful I’d suggest a repeat to judge size.
It can hurt even when it’s back to normal for a couple of weeks if the infection was really bad.
Cranberry Juice helped me-and a nsaid taken as a suppository called diclofenac sodium -ask your doc/urol if you can take diclofenac(per rectum) it will ease the inflammation there.

I ended up eventually in retention at a later date and had to opt for a bladder neck incision- i hope it doesn’t get this bad for you

I also monitored my own fluid intake/output every day,I’d recommend drinking 2- 2.5 Litres of fluid and if you really want to be sure of infection control you can go to any pharmacist and ask them for test strips called GP multistix by Bayer (Don’t pay £45 for them, they are £12-16 at most Lloyds Pharmacies for 25 tests.
You will have to learn the different timings for accurate results- but Doctors really trust these-i do too.

Here’s a link with a decent price:(i haven’t purchased from this company)

- i could then (after buying these) tell my doctor when i had an infection!

Message me if you need any further help or support- I’ve been through the lot

sincerely the very best of luck to you,it’s not an easy subject,and we Men do not talk enough about this.

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