Should I masturbate if I have prostatitis.?

Question by anthony: Should I masturbate if I have prostatitis.?
I’ve heard that that one should since it will drain your prostate of infected fluid. However, I also heard that one shouldn’t because it will put strain on the prostate.

If any of you have experience with prostatitis please tell your story.

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Answer by NicBurnsRed
You should definitely mash your meat. And fast.
If your prostate gets too big, it will get a big head and think it’s the boss and start ordering other organs around and that makes for an unhappy body.
You don’t want an unhappy body,
Do you?!??!! D:

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One Response to “Should I masturbate if I have prostatitis.?”

  1. Mandarin2 Says:


    A prostatic massage might help also.

    I can’t see how masturbation can “put a strain on the prostate”
    - it’s designed to do this.