How far inside is a guy’s prostate gland?

My boyfriend is highly anal-erotic, but I have short fingers, so I’m afraid I’ll never to be able to find or reach it. Is his prostate farther inside him (comparitively) than a girl’s g-spot?

Any tips?

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12 Responses to “How far inside is a guy’s prostate gland?”

  1. frozenfun Says:

    Need a test subject?

  2. monkey t Says:

    use a dildo? maybe he’d like that.

  3. canela Says:

    About 3 inches. And who says you have to use your finger?

  4. Mr. Right Says:

    If you can’t reach it with you finger, use a broomstick!

  5. alicias7768 Says:"

  6. SexyTrojan Says:

    It’s easily accessible by using the index finger. Just make sure, for his sake, that you don’t have fake nails!

  7. Glasswings21 Says:

    okay.!!! very nice adivces ur gonna get on yahoo answers! but one thing before u make any harsh moves over ur BF’s anal area…i would get a nice manicure to ur nails and keep’em cleaner as possible all the times….and in the end yes male g-spot is at the same position it would be with a female but the main reason that u cannot reach it nicely is that its in kinda curved area ….and for that u gotta get some nice lube and some really tricky fingers…or if nothing than try some anal beads or something……

  8. Butterman Says:

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  9. crazy person Says:

    It’s not that deep. You just have to finger your way around

  10. pugsley Says:

    ..i just had an examination at the doctors . he felt it with his finger and said it was OK so that’s where it is – the length of a finger.It was not a nice feeling but necessary.I hope it doesen’t feel the same for a woman when having sex. If so , i can understand why they get headaches sometimes and just wont cooperate.

  11. babyshoes Says:

    yes ,about the length of a middle finger

  12. Soulful_Kris Says:

    6 inches.