How is life without a prostate?

We all know that prostate is part of the reproductory process, but what else is alter in a men’s life without a prostate? Is there a decent life after a prostate has being removed?

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7 Responses to “How is life without a prostate?”

  1. xlhdrider Says:

    Mine causes pain hopefully a better way of life

  2. KK Says:

    it’s the same

  3. anitababy.brainwash Says:

    It can be rewarding if you’re confident within yourself to begin
    with. You must come from a secure place.

  4. normal1 Says:

    The 2 major worst case problems are incontinence and impotence. Mostly depends on the skill of the surgeon.

  5. Willy Says:

    I dunno you but I’ve heard the prostate helps with erections and without it ya lose the ability to get a “woodie!” You take it from there!"

  6. tomcut2000 Says:

    I think you may lose erection

  7. deborah huber Says:

    my father changed his interest from woman to men… sad.. i know… but he is now a different man and claims that he has better things to do in life than to stay home and rot…