What is a heterogeneous prostate gland?

I had an ultrasound done recently and I may have a heterogeneous prostate gland. . . What is it, and what may I expect? Surgery ect.

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2 Responses to “What is a heterogeneous prostate gland?”

  1. raymond m Says:

    Heterogeneous means not the same, not the same consistency, not smooth. Your physician will determine the next course of treatment. Your age and ethnicity will be a big factor in deciding on the next step you and your physician should take,

  2. Sanju Says:

    Ultrasonography is an imaging technique where sound waves are sent out and are reflected or absorbed to varying degrees, depending on the object’s consistency.

    Since cancerous tissue is thicker and more dense than healthy tissue, the sound wave reflections will be dfiferent (heterogeneous) in the presence of cancer tissue versus the same (homogeneous).

    If your doctor determines that the ultasound results suggest cancer, than a biopsy will be needed to confirm its presence.